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AAVE protocol

AAVE protocol

AAVE protocol


Decentralized finance (also called DeFi) is revolutionizing investment and placement models for cryptocurrencies. In this dynamic, many protocols have been created in order to precisely allow you to collect interest and grow your money continuously. Among the many existing, AAVE is one of the largest and most reliable


What is AAVE? It utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to allow assets to be borrowed in a secure and obvious decentralized manner.

Using this protocol, it is possible to earn interest by lending assets and to borrow assets by depositing guarantees upstream!

Their platform is completely transparent, secure, and accessible to anyone, always with the aim of making cryptocurrency accessible to as many people as possible.

To be able to develop their services without leaving influence to a central entity, which runs contrary to the DeFi philosophy, the AAVE protocol uses decentralized governance to make important decisions.

There are a wide range of decentralized assets that are compatible with AAVE, including ERC20 tokens (including Ethereum, for example) and stablecoins

In addition, users can choose the highest or lowest interest rates for their loans according to their preferences.

AAVE prioritizes security just like any DeFi protocol that wants to be viable, with smart contracts that manage transactions and interests. You can learn more about this specific concept by reading our blog on the site.

A team of experienced, passionate developers is continuously working to improve the protocol, making platform users optimistic and confident.


To summarize, AAVE offers flexibility to investors and lenders according to their expectations, decentralization in response to DeFi mentality, security to gain user trust, and a relatively accessible platform with numerous development prospects. As a result, it's an excellent protocol and one of the best in its field, which should probably continue for a long time to come!

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CryptoSimple is a cryptocurrency investing portfolio tool that allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies based on your financial goals and risk tolerance. Our crypto experts will look after your portfolio and help you achieve your goals. Many consumers are unsure where to start their crypto investing adventure, and CryptoSimple takes care of the headaches that come with it, such as setting up a wallet and researching which cryptos to buy.

After installing the CryptoSimple app, just sign up and complete a quick questionnaire to assess your existing understanding of cryptocurrencies and choose your investment goals (for example, if you're saving for retirement or a down payment on a home). Based on your investor profile, our roboadvisor then proposes a diversified portfolio in the decentralised finance (DeFi) market for you.

Yes, CryptoSimple is registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) which allows us to operate across the European Union.

CryptoSimple is available to all residents of the European Union. We will also begin working with the FCA in the United Kingdom and the SEC in the United States. In the meantime, you can register on our website and we will notify you as soon as the application is available in your country.

Yes, you can create a CryptoSimple account for your Business, it's perfect for any business that has cash reserves. Diversify and invest your business's money in a smart, secure and fully managed crypto portfolio.