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Crypto predictions for 2023

Crypto predictions for 2023

Crypto predictions for 2023


Following 2022, the year ahead promises to be filled with challenges that must be overcome to ensure an economic recovery. Here are some predictions from CryptoSimple regarding events that may occur in the next 365 days:

Predictions :

This year will be crucial for centralized finance (CeFi), which must meet several requirements to remain reliable after the Celsius and FTX crises:

  • All platforms must be transparent, the more transparent, the more trustworthy they will be;
  • In order to maintain transparency, platforms must prove that the funds deposited by their clients are used for asset purchases (Proof of Funds);
  • Lastly, constant communication between customers and communities is necessary to form a bond and build trust.

According to the international economic situation, the world economy is likely to enter a recession following the turn taken by 2022 (high inflation), a difficult period for the economies but necessary to design a recovery for 2024.

A defining year for Ethereum's blockchain. With the 2nd stage of its update to ETH2.0, Ethereum should make some noise just like it did last summer during The Merge! The latter is called The Surge and should enhance Ethereum's scalability through a technical manipulation called "sharding". We’ll be writing a blog soon about it!

Crypto regulations at all scales are expected to see strong advances: where Europe currently leads. With recent decisions such as MiCA, states are positioning themselves more and more in relation to these assets. This could only be the beginning of a succession of decisions that will make these assets more legitimate as money.

In addition, new national or local decisions are considered to consider crypto as a means of payment. Brazil accepted cryptocurrencies as a form of payment last December, who will be next?

Today CoinMarketCap lists over 20,000 cryptos, but only a small sample has any utility or future in the market. Those tokens, coins that lack fundamentals (or are weak), all those that existed only through the hype and euphoria of the 2021 bullrun, will no longer exist in 2023 when investors focus their liquidity on projects that promise a significant contribution to the blockchain ecosystem.

The world of web3.0 continues to develop, sometimes even faster than one might think: in bear market conditions, concrete progress is valued more than hype (real benefit for the market). Thus, now is a great time to learn about new technologies associated with the world of cryptocurrencies, in order to be among the first to become aware of concepts that may drive the next bull run.


The following are our predictions for the upcoming year; they are obviously just guesses, since many things can happen that we don't expect! Although, anticipating certain events can prevent being taken aback or suffering from them.

Trends of 2022 in crypto

Trends of 2022 in crypto

The year 2022 will go down as one of the most eventful years in crypto history. Now let's take a look back at 365 days of news in three minutes
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