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Curve DeFi protocol

Curve DeFi protocol

Curve DeFi protocol


The decentralized finance (DeFi) industry has many protocols capable of generating returns on crypto-assets efficiently, but to stand out, they must have very high returns and maintain complete security. Other than that, it will be a matter of specializing in a particular type of asset and offering the best service.

It is this second choice that has made the Curve protocol one of the rising stars of today. In contrast, the majority of other DeFi protocols have focused on stablecoin exchanges and liquidity pools.

Curve :

To address the issue of stablecoin liquidity in the cryptocurrency world, Curve was launched in 2020 by a team of developers. Today, it is becoming an increasingly widespread reference in the sector!

Among its advantages is its ability to offer very low exchange fees. As a result, it is very attractive to investors and traders who are required to multiply transactions frequently.

Furthermore, Curve's high liquidity allows traders to trade stablecoins without worrying about price volatility.

In addition to its design based on yield curve algorithms, this tool has another interesting feature. Stablecoins benefit from these algorithms by creating linear pools of liquidity.

As for the known performances, they are impressive as well: The protocol handled more than $10 billion in transactions in 2020. In spite of the fact that it was only at its infancy, this was the proof of an enormous amount of trust granted in its capability.

As a final note, it is important to highlight that the prospects for the future look promising

Stablecoin adoption is on the rise, and Curve is well positioned to become one of the most widely used protocols for stablecoin exchanges. The CRV token shows this importance with a market capitalization of about 1 billion dollars, making it one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization!


As a leader in stablecoin exchanges through DeFi, CryptoSimple uses Curve to provide returns on this protocol and allow you to grow your stable coins.

Idle Finance

Idle Finance

Among the undervalued DeFi protocols we find Idle. Less highlighted than AAVE, Yearn or Lido, its potential is no less enormous!
Democratising Finance

Democratising Finance

Learn what DeFi is all about, why it matters and how you can get involved today with CryptoSimple.
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CryptoSimple is a cryptocurrency investing portfolio tool that allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies based on your financial goals and risk tolerance. Our crypto experts will look after your portfolio and help you achieve your goals. Many consumers are unsure where to start their crypto investing adventure, and CryptoSimple takes care of the headaches that come with it, such as setting up a wallet and researching which cryptos to buy.

After installing the CryptoSimple app, just sign up and complete a quick questionnaire to assess your existing understanding of cryptocurrencies and choose your investment goals (for example, if you're saving for retirement or a down payment on a home). Based on your investor profile, our roboadvisor then proposes a diversified portfolio in the decentralised finance (DeFi) market for you.

Yes, CryptoSimple is registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) which allows us to operate across the European Union.

CryptoSimple is available to all residents of the European Union. We will also begin working with the FCA in the United Kingdom and the SEC in the United States. In the meantime, you can register on our website and we will notify you as soon as the application is available in your country.

Yes, you can create a CryptoSimple account for your Business, it's perfect for any business that has cash reserves. Diversify and invest your business's money in a smart, secure and fully managed crypto portfolio.