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How we are regulated | Our responsibilities to you

How we are regulated | Our responsibilities to you

How we are regulated | Our responsibilities to you

On the 26th October 2021, CryptoSimple has officially been registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider↗ (DASP) by the AMF↗ (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) in providing the following digital asset services, as mentioned in Article L. 54–10–2 of the Monetary and Financial Code.

  • Digital asset custody
  • Buying or selling digital assets in a currency that is legal tender
  • Exchanging digital assets for other digital assets

As part of the digital custody and buying or selling of digital assets, CryptoSimple is fully compliant with the European regulations and notably the Directive 2018/843 on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism↗ (AML/CFT) wich involves in France the AMF in conjunction with the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution↗ (ACPR).

With this regulation comes high-security requirements for our users, as evidenced by compliance with global AML-CFT laws and regulations and the implementation of international security standards such as:

  • Separate multi-signature portfolios
  • ISO / IEC 27001 & 27701↗ compliant
  • MPC technology↗ with asset holding partners
  • Data encryption
  • Identity verification with biometrics
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Internal security and confidentiality workshops
  • GDPR↗ compliant

CryptoSimple has been created to lift the veil on cryptocurrency and help people safely and simply invest in cryptocurrencies without necessarily having to be an expert in the crypto ecosystem. Our Modern Portfolio Theory↗ strategy has proven itself as one of the most efficient portfolio management strategies, which consists of reducing volatility while maximizing returns.

By making cryptocurrency investing accessible to everyone, CryptoSimple wants you to get on the crypto train while saving yourself time and energy. This way, the next time a friend or family member asks you about crypto investing, you can recommend CryptoSimple.

MiCA and Digital Assets

MiCA and Digital Assets

MiCA, or "Markets in Crypto-Assets," is an innovative European regulation aimed at regulating the market of digital assets.
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Questions & Answers

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CryptoSimple is a cryptocurrency investing portfolio tool that allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies based on your financial goals and risk tolerance. Our crypto experts will look after your portfolio and help you achieve your goals. Many consumers are unsure where to start their crypto investing adventure, and CryptoSimple takes care of the headaches that come with it, such as setting up a wallet and researching which cryptos to buy.

After installing the CryptoSimple app, just sign up and complete a quick questionnaire to assess your existing understanding of cryptocurrencies and choose your investment goals (for example, if you're saving for retirement or a down payment on a home). Based on your investor profile, our roboadvisor then proposes a diversified portfolio in the decentralised finance (DeFi) market for you.

Yes, CryptoSimple is registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) which allows us to operate across the European Union.

CryptoSimple is available to all residents of the European Union. We will also begin working with the FCA in the United Kingdom and the SEC in the United States. In the meantime, you can register on our website and we will notify you as soon as the application is available in your country.

Yes, you can create a CryptoSimple account for your Business, it's perfect for any business that has cash reserves. Diversify and invest your business's money in a smart, secure and fully managed crypto portfolio.