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Crypto Portfolios
made for you

portfolios tailored to your goals

Tailored to meet your goals

With a little help from you, we'll build the optimal crypto portfolio based on your financial goals.

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Diversified portfolio

Our portfolios includes a variety of assets across the crypto market picked by our experts.

diversified portfolios with stable and volatile crypto assets

For every risk appetite

We balance your portfolio between volatile and stable assets, based on your risk profile.

Discover each portfolios

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Balanced Portfolio

A balanced portfolio is great for those who can't make up their mind. If you're looking to balance your risk and reward, this is the perfect choice for you!


Volatile assets

volatile assets


Stable assets

stable assets
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Earn high interest

Decentralized financial (DeFi) products enable you to earn interest on your assets without having to do anything – it earns for you 24/7.

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Compounded in Real-time

Your money grows exponentially to maximise your returns as you earn autonomous interest in real time. Watch your money increase live.

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Long term projection

With a portfolio made up of ● Volatile and ● Stable assets that earn high compounded interest, your portfolio ● Projection will match your goal(s).

Past performances

+29% since August 2020

CryptoSimple · Balanced

From the beginning, this annualized number reflects the compound annual rate of return. Due to compounding, a portfolio with a 24 percent annualized average return (due to DeFi) amounts to a 53 percent real return over two years (rather than 48 percent as you might assume).

This historical performance is based on genuine market transactions and is simulated, with each risk level's portfolio represented as a single portfolio. Past performance does not guarantee future results; invest at your own risk.

Managed by a team of crypto experts

Our team of experts manages the day to day operations of your portfolio so you don't have to.

We make strategic adjustments and rebalance as necessary to make sure your portfolio stays on track to meet your long term goals.


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Questions & Answers

Can’t find the answer here? Explore our help center.

Our roboadvisor will recommend the best crypto portfolio for you based on your answers to the risk questionnaire. You have the option to modify it at any time if you believe it doesn't match your goals and needs.

CryptoSimple's team of specialists handles the day-to-day operations of your portfolio so you don't have to. They make strategic modifications and rebalance your portfolio as needed to ensure that it remains on pace to fulfil your long-term objectives.

DeFi is a global, open alternative to every financial service you use today - savings, loans, trading, insurance and more — accessible with little more than a smartphone and internet connection. To find out more, check out our blog post here.

Your portfolio generates interest since your portfolio is made up of crypto assets that use DeFi protocols. This is also compounded in real time and works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.