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Crypto for Financial Advisers

CryptoSimple provides Financial Investment Advisers and Wealth Management Advisers with the tools they need to provide diversified portfolios of Crypto-assets and DeFi protocols to their clients.

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You do not have to handle arbitrage, rebalancing, and yield generation using Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocols because our advisers handle that for you.

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Customer experience simplified

Our streamlined, digital process makes inviting and managing your clients, as well as transferring assets, a breeze.

Team of financial experts at CryptoSimple

Let our team help you

In order to scale your practice without having to hire internal staff, our customer service team works with you to provide the support you need.

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Earn interest with DeFi

Using Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocols, your clients' assets earn high interest round-the-clock.

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360° Diversification

Real estate, precious metals, stocks and now crypto-assets. Invest in the currency of tomorrow to diversify your clients' portfolios.

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Our incomparable rate is added to your commissions and costs across your clients.

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A Crypto-asset custody solution that's secure for your customers

CryptoSimple offers solutions to financial advisers, companies and family offices seeking the highest levels of security for their digital assets.

Regulated by the French financial authorities 🇫🇷

All of our services comply with all existing European regulations, licenses, and standards. To comply with new legislative regulations, CryptoSimple continuously updates its operations.

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A transparent crypto-asset solution built for advisers by advisers.

With CryptoSimple, advisers have access to a transparent crypto-asset platform that is fully integrated into their workflow.

Real-time tracking of customers and commissions

Managed and transparent investment platform that provides a complete view of your clients' crypto assets.

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Onboarding customers seamlessly

A fully digital client and advisor experience. With our onboarding experience, you will meet KYC and AML requirements, make onboarding easy for your customers, and integrate it into your existing workflow.

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Expertly adapted and managed portfolio

CryptoSimple provides arbitrage of crypto-assets, automated rebalancing, and asset custody through the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocols.

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We put custody first

Our crypto assets are stored and supervised by a number of independent custodians, such as Bitpanda Custody and Fireblocks.

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Transparent solutions

With our educational approach, we aim to make cryptocurrency more transparent - We want you to understand what we invest in and why.

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Calculate, model, charge, and assess the risks associated with crypto-assets

A complete management system for institutional workflows.

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CryptoSimple Academy

A growing library of articles, whitepapers, videos, and other resources for institutional advisers and their clients.

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Questions & Answers

Can’t find the answer here? Explore our help center.

The FIA's role is to present our products to its clients who have an adequate risk profile. A commission will be paid to the FIA for every new customer brought to CryptoSimple.

The commission received by the FIA is that which the FIA sets for its clients, minus the incompressible 1% fee to remunerate CryptoSimple and those charged by its service providers for transactions invoiced by CryptoSimple.

Commissions are calculated monthly and pro rata temporis on a daily basis, based on the average amount of assets managed.

The digital assets in our portfolios are hand-picked by our experts.PULSE and ZEN portfolios are available to clients according to their risk appetite.ZEN's portfolio consists of 50% stable assets and 50% volatile assets. If your client is looking for security and peace of mind, this portfolio may be right for them. PULSE portfolio consists of 20% stable assets and 80% volatile assets. If your clients are willing to take risks and achieve higher long-term profits, this portfolio may be for them.

Using Directive (EU) 2018/843, CryptoSimple will implement the know-your-customer procedure (the ”KYC”) for fighting money laundering and terrorist financing (LCB-FT) in collaboration with the Financial Intelligence Agency. A similar procedure will be carried out by CryptoSimple as part of its business relationship with the FIA (the KYB), by verifying documentation provided by the FIA.

By mutual agreement with the client, the FIA may limit the amount invested by the client, based on his or her risk profile. CryptoSimple does not interfere in the relationship of the FIA and its client concerning the ceiling of the amount invested by the client but will alert the FIA when the amount invested by the client is too large in relation to his estimated income, thereby triggering an alert under suspicious transactions.CryptoSimple may refuse a transaction if the FIA cannot provide an explanation for the client's investment.

The FIA has an overview of its investments by connecting to its dashboard.